Sunday, January 13, 2019

Overview of most of my A1C's and OH MY where'd the time go?

OH MY GRACIOUS! I cannot believe it's been over a year since I've posted. Where'd the time go? How'd I let that happen? Easy....I was living life and enjoying the benefits of Afrezza. I've taken a snapshot of the last few years of my A1C's that are on file via the online results (not all are on here). Anyway, check out the difference! 2016 is when I started using Afrezza. Notice how my A1C slowly has been going down? My weight is down. My health is up. My Blood Pressure stays around 106/70 without medication. My cholesterol is perfect. NO Afrezza doesn't deal with that BUT when your blood sugars are completely under control, you feel better, want to exercise, get out and do stuff.

You also begin to eat healthier. My pastor was recently joking and said that he knew many diabetics, and he didn't know one who didn't eat what they weren't supposed to eat. He's right. HOWEVER, when you're in control of your levels instead of your levels being in control of is heading in the right direction. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went-life was good. I was able to enjoy a slice, or two, of pumpkin pie (thanks to my son-in-law's great baking skills) with 4u without a single high level. PERFECT.

Did I gain a few's stay focused on blood sugars 😏. I still continue to stay #TeamAfrezza. I've tried and tried to speak to other diabetics about it. Many listen, some are simply too stubborn. Some want to use it, but their insurance doesn't cover it. CRAZY. How is that possible? It's a proven insulin for Type 1, insulin dependent diabetics. I have a friend who's still using her ole "trusty" pump. She posted how excited she was that her levels were going down. They'd been over 300 for a month. No, she wasn't sick. She just has so much scar tissue built up from changing the sites that the insulin was having trouble working properly. Oh my......

Well, time to now go....why? I've been baking this evening, and I've made some Carrot Cake Oatmeal cookies (diabetic approved). OH YUM. Did you know carrots were a natural sweetener? Use it in place of sugar for a lot of baking and cooking needs (works wonderfully when you're on the Daniel Fast). So time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and two carrot cake oatmeal cookies after inhaling my 4u.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

How'd You Survive Thanksgiving?

Well, how'd you do? Did you survive Thanksgiving without any hiccups? I'm once again so thankful for Afrezza. I ate entirely too much food for DAYS. Oh how I love left overs. What is your favorite?? Mine is, by far, homemade mini pumpkin muffins and individual pumpkin pies. Now, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I don't do too badly. I think I ate almost all of these. By the way, they are NOT diabetic friendly, but they're sure Afrezza friendly!!! 4units for every 2 is what I took. Hey, I told you they weren't diabetic friendly. Oh and I made some pumpkin fluff to go on them. My oldest son loves that stuff. Well, all my children do, but my oldest son loves the fluff on the muffins. So, hey, what's a momma to do? We make our children happy.

I have also been busy sewing. Oh that's my love language for sure. Give me a pattern and some material...ahhhhhh. So, I made and embroidered my grand daughter a dress and matching purse. This was such an easy pattern. I added the lace at the end to add length. This grandmomma likes long dresses on little girls! Anyway, I hope you all survived and are going Afrezza Strong. I'm already looking forward to the Christmas food. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Endo Update & Tricare Troubles

Well I saw my endo again. What happened? Afrezza lived up to the hype! Once again my A1C was down. Not by a ton. Many report their levels decrease by 2 and 3 points. I'm SO happy for them, but my reality is my new level is 6.8. Do y'all see that? 6.8, take a minute and let it sink in.

I told Dr Asamoah that I knew it needed to be lower, but I was feeling so great on Afrezza and Tresiba that I was happy. He looked at me and told me he was thrilled with my levels. It's not easy pleasing this man. He takes diabetes very seriously and has no problem letting me know when I mess up :/

Before this appointment though, I had a Tricare hiccup. It was so weird. I went to Kroger to get my meds, and they stated I needed a P.A. from Tricare now. WHAT????? After 25 years you'd think I should have known this. NO, why? Because it was something new. They wanted me to try some other insulin my doctor knew would not work on me. I tried it. It flopped. I emailed him and told him. The next day I had my Tresiba.

Folks, finding a good doctor is hard now a days, but it's worth it for your health. Find one. Dr Asamoah, if you're in the Indy area, is who you need to see if you are a diabetic. This man has been ranked in the top 10 drs in the country SO many times it's unreal.

Finally, have you all ever tried Flatout Bread??? Well, glory, try it. It's the best ever for diabetics. Nope, I'm not getting kick backs and have no ties to this company. I take NO insulin when I eat this. I'm not sure why, but I don't have to. You should try it. NO you HAVE to try it!!! Here's a link in case you don't know what I'm talking about. Oh mercy.

It's all going great in this Afrezza Frenzy's Diabetic World. Praise God and giving Him all the glory.

Pray, test your levels, and inhale your insulin!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Who Has Time For Posts Anymore???

Today I was asked if I still wore a pump. OH MY it made me realize I haven't updated my blog. Why? Because who has time for blogging when you're busy living life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Afrezza. Oh my-lanta, I can't praise it enough.

Two days ago was our youth service at church. I was asked to help with games. In my pump world, I would have started already planning high/low strategies. How'd I handle it with Afrezza? What's to handle? They ordered Papa Johns Pizza. Typically, we don't eat a lot of pizza, so this was a great treat for all in my family.

I ate one piece, which was more than enough. I inhaled 4 units. I started with a level of 132 and ended up 2 hours later with a level of 96. WHAT??? Now, all you pump users (former and current) know that with a pump that wouldn't happen. It would either be super high or super low. If high, you'd take more insulin, than what would happen? You'd crash because it'd drop. If it was low, you'd eat more, which would make it go high. Do you see the vicious cycle???

I get up in the mornings and take 10 units of Tresiba for the long acting and then never worry again about my levels. Now, we don't typically celebrate halloween, but we bought a bunch of candy for the youth service games. Now we have a LOT of candy left over.

It just so happens, I'm a little fond of candy. So, I've gladly helped myself to the leftovers. I love Almond Joy Candy Bars. LOVE THEM. The little snack size ones are the best. Guess what? I don't even inhale Afrezza with it? You read right. I can eat one and not take any insulin. How is that possible?

Afrezza should be named-Freedom because it allows a freedom every diabetic longs for. YES you still have to inhale before meals, but so what. You can live a normal life with it. You will never, in my personal opinion, ever live a normal life on a pump or shots.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nothing new....Just some summertime fun!

WOW I had no idea it'd been this long this I'd posted anything. Summer is always a fun season for my family, so I've taken advantage of it. Probably one of the most fun things we've done is taking our boat out. Now, it's been especially fun for me because I was always too scared to be near water. Why? THE PUMP. You can't get it wet; you can't let it get too hot; you can't stay unplugged from it for too long. Oh how the list goes on.

This year I've enjoyed a lot of fishing with the hubs. He fishes on a tour and loves it. Me.....not so much but I have been enjoying the sun and spending time with him. I no longer have any worries about my levels. The Dynamic Duo continues to work perfectly!!!!!!

Here are three fun pics I just "had" to share! The first is what my daughter-in-love has created for me. She does ALL kinds of cute sayings on them. They're reasonably priced too. I told her I thought she didn't charge enough. She made this one for me. I'm certainly blessed for many reasons, but a great one is because I have her in my life. If you want a sign-send me a message! Seriously. She ships too.

Oh my what a time I had driving the boat. My skirt was trying to fly up and my hat was flying off. Oh my LOL

Now here's the reason I go out on a fishing boat. My husband, Michael! He's my soul mate; he completes me; he is still makes my heart flutter after all these years (25 to be exact). 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Walk, Jog, Run........Afrezza

OK a few quick questions for the world. What types of snacks do you carry with you when running? I am training for my first ever mini-marathon for next year. What I've been finding is that my levels drop after 2-3 miles UGH. I can't drink those goo drinks. So many reasons but a primary one is they make me sick. I was thinking maybe carrying some sort of a granola bar. I really like the Kind Bars and they seem to be sustaining. What do you think?

Have any of you walked/run a mini before? Or what about a marathon???? I'm really excited about this training. I'm scared though. Should I take the Afrezza with my breakfast that morning? Should I not? How do you handle it? HELP. I need to start preparing now.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I Don't Care What Others Say....It Does Lose Potency

I've been doing my own little experiment. I've heard people say they've left Afrezza in their car for months in 100 degree weather, and it worked perfectly. How on earth does one person have enough insulin of any kind to leave it UNUSED in their car for months? I've had people say they've opened theirs, forgot one was opened, then opened another one and then months later found the original one and it worked great.

Well....I'm the weird one. Mine doesn't work "great" all the time when left out like that. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I follow Afrezza directions for refrigeration, etc perfectly. OH MY-LANTA NO WAY. BUT, I have discovered that it does lose its potency. Surely I can't be the only one who has discovered this. I don't have to take more, but what I have noticed is this......

If I eat Baked Chicken, Steamed zucchini and broccoli and baked beans, I would take 4 units. My starting level would be 80. 2 hours later it'd be 101-120ish IF IF IF I use a fresh unit.

IF I eat the same meal with the same starting level and use a unit that has been out of the refrigerator for over a week then my level 2 hours later is around 180-190. That level certainly doesn't warrant me increasing the amount to 8 units, but it doesn't make me aware.

I don't say this as a "negative" per say, just to say that people need to be aware that refrigeration could make a difference and new users need to be aware. It's not life threatening, but awareness and education are key to controlling this nasty disease.